Digital Solutions

Oberthur Solutions has built its reputation on its innovative capabilities, discretion and transversal solutions for all products: from administrative documents to secured packaging.

Our expertise covers everything from the initial analysis of the project to the creation of specific tools.

We offer complete solutions that include the manufacture of these tools, their digital management and the associated applications.

Our solutions are developed specifically for each client in order to adapt to their needs.


To increase security and ensure full traceability, Oberthur Solutions offers a range of services to ensure fast and reliable data processing. We offer our clients the possibility of tracking all stages of their products’ manufacture all the way to the end consumer.

Systems : software, databases

Oberthur Solutions offers systems, software and databases to process data in a fast and secure way and to ensure your digital transformation. Our professionals adapt and tailor your interfaces to your needs and internal procedures.

We are continuously innovating in order to optimise your processes and meet the new challenges of simplifying paper and digital management.

Server infrastructure, secure communication networks

Oberthur Solutions provides all the necessary equipment for your digitization project. We analyse and identify the improvements and evolutions to be implemented. We define the infrastructure to be deployed and install the necessary software and hardware. We can also develop software and databases tailored to your needs.

Our specialists train the client’s staff to manage the systems independently. We provide maintenance and support, ensuring the transfer of skills.

Civil Status Solution

Oberthur Solutions has developed a complete range of solutions to ensure careful management of civil status and to deliver unforgeable documents whose traceability is ensured from the time they are manufactured to their delivery and final use. They provide secure daily support to civil officers in the execution of their duties.

Land Affairs Solution

The modernisation and securing of Land Affairs enables the protection of land rights and ensures the economic development of communities. Oberthur Solutions’ e-bridge solution for the Computerized Management of Land Affairs provides the right answer to the countries’ problems.

Digitisation solution, digital archiving

We offer a global solution for the digitisation of your documents by deploying technical and human capacities.

The use of document scanning tools and software (scanners) allows the data to be automatically extracted and stored for archiving.

Our digital archiving solution protects and secures your data while making it easily accessible to authorized persons only.

  • Digitisation of the entire archive
  • Integration and classification in secure databases
  • Secure networks allowing dedicated access to information